Hello everone!
The holiday time is coming so fast and we hope you can't wait your awsome summer trips and travels! If you would like to have a time of your life just before your final semester exams, we have an intresting and irresistible offer for you!

02.06-04.06 we are organizing a trip to Prague. You cannot miss it! This is the most popular tourists resort in central Europe. For many of the visitors it is also the most beautiful place of the old continent. You may fall in love with it for its fantastic views, multitude of historical sights.
Frankly speaking, the place should be a must on your holiday list. To catch a real spirt of Prague we have also planned a lot of visits in local clubs and pubs. More info about the tickets and the event will be available soon so keep in touch !
Čau !

02/06/2017 to 04/06/2017